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What type of on-site tech service does Legacy Telecom offer? 2017-05-08T23:42:35+00:00

Legacy Telecom offers a myriad of on-site tech services. For example, Legacy Telecom performs installs, maintenance, and repair of new or existing network systems. Legacy Telecom works on analog, digital, and wireless systems. Legacy Telecom services voice, data, video, VoIP, Retail POS, structured cabling, Ethernet Systems, On-hold brand messaging, call routing, and dozens of other relevant tasks involving modern-American technological systems.


What are your rates for on-site tech services? 2017-05-08T23:42:35+00:00

Legacy Telecom is typically 30% to 50% lower than many on-site technical service organizations.  Although there are many reasons for the lower price points Legacy Telecom offers, the primary reason for offering on-site tech services at substantial savings is because Legacy Telecom is the actual hands-on, actual eyes-on company which shows up and actually performs the technology work on-site. In main, straight-forward, cost-effective, on-site tech service solutions is a compelling reason to rely upon Legacy Telecom.


Do you service Sarasota, Florida area? 2017-05-08T23:42:35+00:00

Legacy Telecom offers on-site tech service deployment nationwide for established customers.  Give Legacy Telecom a call to discuss your technology issue so a prompt determination can be made what type of issue you believe is occurring and to learn from you the urgency of your circumstances.