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Legacy Telecom Areas Of Expertise

Legacy Telecom offers a deep and enduring skill set based upon the management’s four decades of hands-on, eyes-on, on-site tech services.

Legacy Telecom performs the actual work whether the system is an analog telecommunications system, digital system, or a cutting-edge wireless. Legacy Telecom performs on-site tech services for voice, data, or video network installations, system maintenance, and structured cabling services.

Whether you are downsizing, upgrading, expanding or modifying a new or existing network, Legacy Telecom has the talent, skill, and wisdom to perform that on-site tech service competently and cost-effectively.

Several of the typical on-site tech services Legacy Telecom is called upon to perform include installation, maintenance, and repair of new or existing phone systems, VoIP systems, paging systems, video surveillance systems, structured cabling modifications, retail POS systems, voice mail and auto-attendant systems, and internet-broadband systems.

In addition, Legacy Telecom performs on-site tech services for moves, adds, and changes commonly referred to as MACS. In addition, Legacy Telecom performs on-site tech service for a variety of computer and network solutions. More recently a great deal of conversation has occurred involving phone line auditing, phone bill auditing, and troubleshooting systems and networks which are bottle-necking slow to load, or broken and require fixing to avoid the expense of replacing the entire system network.
Legacy Telecom also performs on-site tech services for SOHO tasks which means Small Office / Home Office voice, data, or video systems.

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