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Speech Privacy Systems

Speech Privacy Systems

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What is sound masking?

Sound masking is the technology that provides speech privacy to an enclosed area for the purpose of decreasing distraction and improving comfort. A sound masking system achieves speech privacy by adding unobtrusive background noise so that unwanted or distracting noise is minimized.

What are the benefits of sound masking?

Sound masking is an effective tool when it achieves speech privacy. Speech Privacy is achieved when individual voices or conversations cannot be isolated or understood. This is important for two reasons. When you achieve speech privacy, you simultaneously improve productivity and confidentiality.

How does sound masking work?

You might be wondering how adding sound to sound accomplishes anything. Fair enough. Adding just any sound would be problematic because the end goal is not to just drown out unwanted noise. Imagine working with jets flying overheard. You might not feel conversationally distracted, but you’re not comfortable either, are you? Thus, the answer is the kind of sound you add.

The reason you fall asleep when you lay out at the beach is because all the sounds competing for your attention are not patterned. Similarly, sound masking systems are non-repetitious broad band sounds. There is no natural pattern. There is simply sound at all frequencies, and these sounds fill in the spectrum, so that anyone can tune it all out.

In the workplace, this means a less stressed and more focused environment for maximum employee engagement. In facilities requiring confidentiality, this means privacy for all.

Sound Masking Essentials

It’s important to remember we want privacy and comfort, and the good news is that they are not mutually exclusive. Adaptability is integral to achieving speech privacy in a comfortable way. The SMS-Net system emits low-level background sound through speakers placed in the plenum. In addition, an adaptive sensor placed in the sector with the speakers that is adjustable and that anticipates what changes need to be made and makes them automatically. The sensor measures the disruptive noise and immediately adjusts the volume of the white noise accordingly and effectively all day.

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