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VoIP Systems

VoIP Systems

Voice over IP (VoIP) is technology utilized for delivery of voice communications and multimedia transmitted over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The VoIP system can be designed to handle voice, fax, SMS, and voice-messaging. VoIP utilizes packets of information sent over a packet-switched network.

A crucial concern installing VoIP systems is resource management. VoIP systems are available on many smartphones, personal computers, and other internet access devices. Phone calls, voice messages, and text messages can be sent on 3G and 4G or Wi-Fi systems.

Business owners that utilize VoIP systems are particularly aware of the issues that plague employees and customers when the VoIP system fails or internet access is not stable. Failing VoIP systems can cause havoc among employees and results in substantial frustration for customers. \

Mark Tolmen offers competent and cost-effective on-site tech services by contact with Legacy Telecom. Legacy Telecom offers VoIP experts with the required expertise for purposes of installing, maintaining, and repairing VoIP systems. Give Mark Tolmen a call or email and request an on-site consultation today.

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Legacy Telecom represents the boots on the ground organization, the skilled experts that show up on-site to actually perform the tech service at the business location.

Mark Tolmen has invested 32 plus years studying complex systems and learning and honing his skills working on voice, data, and video systems as well as all of the structured cabling systems that are inherent to each of those voice, data, and video systems.

Irrespective of how complex a particular network or system may be, Legacy Telecom can competently and cost-effectively complete the assigned tasks to achieve the standards of the industry for less, because the on-site tech services are priced appropriately.

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