Access Control, Paging, On Hold and Overhead Music, Door bells, Etc

Access Control limits access to campuses, buildings, rooms, specific areas such as Assisted Living corridors and outdoor activity areas. Access control is just what it says it is, it gives the principal players control of who comes and goes in specific areas.
To secure a facility, organizations use electronic access control systems that rely on user credentials, access card readers, auditing and reports to track employee access to restricted business locations and proprietary areas, such as data centers.
Legacy Telecom is a provider of repair, troubleshooting, and installation of Access Control systems. Call us to find out more, the call costs nothing.
Paging, overhead music, music on hold, door bells; these all are components and systems that Legacy Telecom services, designs, and installs. Improve employee wellbeing and productivity with the right overhead music system tailored to your business needs.
We sell and service the major brands, Valcom and Bogen, of music overhead distribution paging systems, amplifiers, and controllers.
Feel free to call us to help clean up your system, the call costs nothing and the fix may not be as bad as it seems.
Door bells and buzzers are used by many businesses for secured access to sensitive areas, like medical schools and education centers. A two way speaker is activated when the door bell is pushed, giving a person inside the secured area the ability to press a button on their phone to grant access.
Legacy Telecom repairs and installs door bell systems and other peripheral communication equipment of this type.
Call us, you'll be pleased by our service.

Why the name “Legacy Telecom”?

It’s “Legacy” in the traditional sense, as in something of value to be passed on. This business was started with the idea of building a solid business that can be passed on generationaly . Many IT specialists see the title Legacy Telecom and mistake it for a company that mainly services digital and analog voice and phone systems that are being replaced by modern VoIP and Cloud Hosted phone systems and services. This is not the case, Legacy Telecom is still the go-to company for the newer cutting edge technologies such as VoIP and Hosted systems, as well as analog and digital phone systems and devices. As the CEO of Legacy Telecom, I attended VoiceCon 2000 in Washington DC, and though it’s been 19 years, Digital and Analog Telephony STILL comprise a very large segment of the Telecommunications footprint. Many devices utilized regularly in everyday business are devices that interconnect, such as paging, overhead music, entry access, door bells, and the list goes on. Not all of these integral functions of business are Ethernet based, so they cannot just be “plugged in” to a network rack patch panel or switch, they must be wired in by knowledgeable professionals.

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