Speech Privacy Systems

Speech Privacy Systems

Sound Masking and Speech Privacy Systems

What is sound masking?

Sound masking is the technology that provides speech privacy to an enclosed area for the purpose of decreasing distraction and improving comfort. A sound masking system achieves speech privacy and overall mood enhancement by adding unobtrusive background noise so that unwanted or distracting noise is minimized.

What are the benefits of sound masking?

Sound masking is an effective tool when it achieves speech privacy. Speech Privacy is achieved when individual voices or conversations cannot be isolated or understood. This is important for two reasons. When you achieve speech privacy, you simultaneously improve productivity and confidentiality.

How does sound masking work?

You might be wondering how adding sound to sound accomplishes anything. Fair enough. Adding just any sound would be problematic because the end goal is not to just drown out unwanted noise. Imagine working with jets flying overheard. You might not feel conversationally distracted, but you’re not comfortable either. The answer is the type of sound you add.

Sound Masking Emitters

The reason you may fall asleep when you lay out at the beach is because all the sounds competing for your attention are not patterned. Similarly, sound masking systems are non-repetitious broad band sounds. There is no natural pattern. There is simply sound at all frequencies, and these sounds fill in the spectrum, so that anyone can tune it all out.

In the workplace, this means a less stressed and more focused environment for maximum employee engagement. In facilities requiring confidentiality, this means privacy for all, because more than ever, Voice and conversation privacy is essential in all medical and legal environments and offices.

Sound Masking Essentials

It’s important to remember we want privacy and comfort, and the good news is that they are not mutually exclusive. Adaptability and flexibility are integral to achieving speech privacy in a comfortable way, and our modern high tech sound masking systems also have the added benefit of playing background overhead music, which complements any office or work environment.

Several independent studies using large and statistically-valid sample sizes produced interesting results. These studies, all of which have been published in peer-reviewed professional journals, showed the following improvements resulted from improved speech privacy levels:

Better focus. The ability of office workers to focus on their tasks improved by 48%

Reduced distractions. Conversational distractions decreased by 51%

Reduced error-rates. Performance of standard “information-worker” tasks (measured in terms of accuracy [error-rates] and short-term memory) improved by 10%

Reduced stress. When measured in terms of the actual physical symptoms of stress, stress was reduced by 27%.

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It’s “Legacy” in the traditional sense, as in something of value to be passed on. This business was started with the idea of building a solid business that can be passed on generationaly . Many IT specialists see the title Legacy Telecom and mistake it for a company that mainly services digital and analog voice and phone systems that are being replaced by modern VoIP and Cloud Hosted phone systems and services. This is not the case, Legacy Telecom is still the go-to company for the newer cutting edge technologies such as VoIP and Hosted systems, as well as analog and digital phone systems and devices. As the CEO of Legacy Telecom, I attended VoiceCon 2000 in Washington DC, and though it’s been 19 years, Digital and Analog Telephony STILL comprise a very large segment of the Telecommunications footprint. Many devices utilized regularly in everyday business are devices that interconnect, such as paging, overhead music, entry access, door bells, and the list goes on. Not all of these integral functions of business are Ethernet based, so they cannot just be “plugged in” to a network rack patch panel or switch, they must be wired in by knowledgeable professionals.

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